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of Ancient Egypt's
Barkless Dogs

Imagine you are a 19th Century explorer in the heart of Africa and whilst travelling the headwaters of the Nile and the Congo you are met by Bushmen, returning from hunting, carrying across their shoulders strange little dogs with prick ears, wrinkled brows, and curly tails some bedecked with a bell about their necks. You later learn that this dog is a superb hunter of game, more valuable to the Bushman than a wife, is aloof and independent, extremely clean, washes himself like a cat, does not bark but can produce charming chortling like sounds. You have in fact just met the Basenji, an ancient breed who first made an appearance in civilization at the dawn of history as a Palace dog of the Pharaohs of Egypt. Ancient empires disappeared and so it seemed had the Basenji, but where humans failed he didn’t, returning to his life in the bush.